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Z06 Unique Color Interior Revealed

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Our first pictures of one of the "unique to the Z06" interiors...

What do you think?
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Is that the new blue interior?
Tough to tell...I'm thinking it is the new dark grey.
Like it and it is the leading contender for our Z. We think it is dark gray also. Has just enough contrast with the black parts of the interior, yet not so dark it look liked a faded black. We are am looking for a "conservative" color for our interior to go with our "sunglasses needed" VY exterior.
The interior looks really nice...some contrast but not so much that the different shades/colors clash. At least in the color we are looking at. To me, this looks much nicer than some of the Stingray interiors that in my mind look very and then some other color added in varying degrees depending on trim level. For example, most Stingray interiors have a black carpet throughout...and a few like grey have a grey carpet in the cockpit but in the cargo area, black again! To me, it comes across as budget conscious a bunch of black at a deep discount and then sprinkle some of the desired color on select parts! I like a more color coordinated interior like the Stingrays Ebony, Grey, and Brownstone...and what I think I'm seeing in this Z06!
Based on the picture in post # 14, changed my mind, and now thinking it is blue. Working to get definitive answer, but will take a couple of days.
It just might be the blue. Or the dark grey! Tough to tell in the pictures, but with the blue exterior and some of the interior shots, I am now leaning slightly towards it being the new blue.
You who is in New york I guess you will be at this show.

If you permit your sirtuation you can allimenter us on the interior and exterior colors that you have seen with your own eyes.

Thanks to takes pictures you can share with us.

We all look forward to many more!:cool:
I am maybe 8-10 hours round trip away from New York I not be attending. Corvettes at Carlisle will be my first opportunity to see the cars in person.
Like I said, it's grey. No, it's blue. Well maybe blue. No! No! No! I'm positive it's grey! I think. Um blue-grey.

Glad we got a definitive answer. It looks likes it will be a very classy color with moderate contrast with the rest of the interior. If the picture is close to real life, it will be a hit!

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1 - 5 of 47 Posts
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