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Z06 Unique Color Interior Revealed

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Our first pictures of one of the "unique to the Z06" interiors...

What do you think?
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I'm with you John. I think it looks very classy and works with the VY exterior quite well. I'm still unable to get into the black wheels though, which more than likely shows my age and am gravitating back toward the chrome wheel option again.... Guess we'll see in about 10-12 months...
John, this looks blue to me. Is this the new blue interior? Looks nice, but I'm not so sure it will go well with the VY or TR exterior colors... I'm thinking the gray you showed everyone earlier......
that grey looks a lot darker than what I saw in NY. Makes me wonder if it is grey/black and the lights played tricks on me? Anyone else see the Dark grey in person, perhaps in another light?
Yeah, looking at small samples like this strikes me the same as looking at "Paint Chips" in paint catalogs. For me it represents little or no help in determining any true effects the shades might have on other components because exposure to light has so much influence over it. You really have to see it in person under various light conditions to make any decisions. In automotive paint finishes rounded body lines versus sharper lines have a tremendous affect of how the finish reflects light and this combined with various accents has a tremendous impact on the overall look we're trying to achieve? TMI? Maybe I got a little carried away.... This is why rounder body lines like the C6 "Generally" look better in darker colors while sharper body lines such as with the C7 "Generally' appear better in the lighter colors.... Yes, I know, to each their own... Just a little something I've learned over the years.....
1 - 3 of 47 Posts
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