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We have a number of 2014 Corvette Stingrays in stock with the Z51 option and with a discount! Not every car is receiving the discounts, but currently we are giving a $1,000 discount on many in stock and inbound 2014 Corvette coupes and $2,500 discount on many in stock and inbound 2014 Corvette convertibles.

2014 Corvette Z51 coupes in stock with the discount include:

White/Black 2LT Manual
White/Red 2LT Manual
White/Kalahari 2LT Automatic
Red/Black 2LT Automatic
Red/Red 2LT Manual
Red/Red 2LT Automatic

2014 Corvette Z51 convertibles in stock with the discount include:

White/Black/Black 2LT Automatic
White/Kalahari/Black 2LT Automatic
Red/Red/Black 2LT Manual
Red/Black/Black 2LT Automatic
Red/Red/Black 2LT Automatic
Red/Red/Black 3LT Automatic

We have plenty more Z51 coupes and convertibles inbound that may qualify for the discount as well as many non-Z51 including many cars with the new ZF1 (Z51 Appearance Package). You can view our in stock and inbound inventory at Corvettes for Sale | Kerbeck Corvette New 2014 Corvette Inventory | Corvette Stingrays in Stock.

Feel free to email me with any questions!


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Dave, which red are these cars? All Torch Red or are any Crystal Red?
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