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Z51 wheel weight

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I thought it has been posted but I couldn't find it.

Does anyone know the weight of the Z51 wheel, front and rear? Thx
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I'm also not convinced the Z51 rims are forged. 2 wheel professionals looked at them and one said Forged, the other said pressure cast..... Regardless, they look to be high quality.
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Heard a presentation by Tadge, showing a PowerPoint slide, in which he said Z-51 wheels are forged, unlike base wheels which are cast. He added, that is why the weight difference, despite their 1" diameter difference (base vs. Z-51), is very small.
I understand but no production literature touts the Z51 wheels as being forged which is quite uncommon. Manufacturers usually always call out forged as a differentiator. It's quite possible things changed between pre production, when the PowerPoint slide was made, and real production. It's also interesting that the Z51 wheels have a list price not too much higher than the base wheels, something that also points to them not being forged. I know the forged SRT 20" wheels I had on my Jeep were $1500 each, the Z51 wheels are half that price at full MSRP.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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